With our head office located in Rotterdam, HDG Asia is situated in Shanghai, which functions as a strategic location for our business. We take care of quality inspections and surveys on incoming, stored and outgoing perishable products.

QC inspections include:


  • Check the container settings and the stowage of the pallets 

  • Take pulp temperatures in different locations 

  • Take a representative sample

  • Note down grower codes, sizes, pack dates, flesh pressures, maturity, colour, brix levels, bruises, skin defects, decay, visible residues, etc. 

  • Assign quality scores 

  • Indicate the storage potential

  • Timely reporting including detailed photographs   

Surveys include:


  • Send out a claim notification

  • Organize a joint survey

  • Evaluate the nature, extent and cause of damage

  • Collect all relevant documentation

  • Protect your and cargo-underwriters’ rights

  • Send out professional and official reports